Introduction to Engineering Capability

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R&D of Molds

SDS has a professional design team, which can perform the standard design procedures for the preliminary mold design and then efficiently and stably perform the development steps according to the standard manufacturing process during the manufacturing stage.

Standard Design Procedure
Manufacturing Flow Chart

For the mold design, the mold flow analysis and evaluation can be performed to achieve the optimal arrangement of parts and the optimal gate location in order to achieve flow balance so as to prevent the joint lines to be located at the area where the strength is required. During the mold manufacturing process, we can find air-trapping locations in advance so as to decide the sizes of the gates. Through mold flow analysis and evaluation, we can further find a better manufacturing method for the mold and reduce the number of mold tryouts. According to the actual condition of the samples with analysis results, the process problems, such as warping, inadequate cooling, internal stress, and so on, may be solved.

During the mold design, the properties of the plastic materials, the mold strength, and abrasion resistance is taken into considerations for the selection of appropriate steel materials. In addition, the manufacturing process will be assessed so as to reduce cost without affecting quality. In the mold manufacturing process, we maintain proper contact with customers so as to grasp the production schedule in time. Furthermore, for problems during mold tryouts, we can come up with effective solutions to increase productivity.